Meeting With Geraint…

A few days ago, I had a tutorial meeting with our course leader Geraint. We were given time slots to either see Matt or Geraint and I was given an afternoon slot. 

As Geraint hadn’t seen my work or known anything about my project before he started by getting me to basically explain my project idea, and I quickly went through my WordPress with him to explain it a bit clearer and I showed him my mood boards for visual references. I explained to him the message I want to get across and why and say what I am going to do next.

Once he had a better understanding of my project as a whole, I showed him my images I had taken, I got up a few of the best ones, unedited so he could see what they were like. He quite liked them and he said that they fit my project well. He then gave me some tips and ideas on how I could retake my images to improve them. I made notes while he was talking to me to take his ideas on board. I also said to him about how I changed some to black and white and preferred them to colour, so there won’t be any labels or colours distracting the viewer and he said it would still be good for me to retake them without any labels on or anything

The notes I made from what he said were…

  • Get rid of the labels and bottle caps so there isn’t any advertising, colour or distracting the viewer from the main focus of the image.
  • Look at using a harsher lighting, like a strong flash maybe?
  • Consider how I want to compose my pictures, advertising images look good in a panoramic view, 1-2.9
  • Don’t have a lot of the bathtub edges in the shot
  • Add more plastic, adds emphasis, can’t have too much 

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