The Narrative Of My Images…

The narrative of my images is to almost say “if you wouldn’t do it to yourself, friends or family, why do it to the wildlife”. I wanted to almost recreate the images of animals being caught in and choked on plastic (below). I wanted my model to look uncomfortable being surrounded by so much rubbish, and I wanted to create images of her ‘choking’ on straws and ‘suffocating’ under a plastic sheet, as although it looks morbid and uncomfortable to look at, it gets the message across well. It opens up the viewers eyes to the harsh reality of whats going on under water. 

I even hope that maybe my series of images might open up peoples eyes to recycling more. If my images were to be of a fish, turtle or seal, people probably wouldn’t think twice about them, but if but imagine it was us humans that were being affected by so much plastic waste we can hardly survive, then we would think to do something about it. 

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