Testing Shoot- Plastic, Lighting and Water…

Now I had enough plastic to start testing some photographs with, I thought I would do a simple test shoot using a bath tub and some soft box lighting to see how they’d turn out.

I filled a bath tub with a small amount of water, set up a soft box light and added in some straws and plastic bottles. I wanted to see how the lighting would look on the plastic and water as I don’t want a lot of bright reflection.

This was my initial set up…


Testing with straws-


When testing the soft box lighting with the straws in the bath, I really liked the way the colours came out, especially in the first image. Although I didn’t use a model in my test shoot, it is easy to imagine a model submerged under water surrounded by straws in these images, and I feel that it would work for the narrative of my project. If I was to use this idea in my final images, I would add more straws and have them over the models face, in their hair and surrounding their body.


Testing with plastic bottles- 


When testing with the plastic bottles, I found that the water looked a bit darker than the straws, but I liked the way that the soft box lit up the plastic bottles. With the plastic bottles, as they are bigger than a lot of other plastic waste, I will add more in to the water to completely submerge the model within them. The idea of the models head popping out of the plastic bottles will tell the narrative that plastic is an issue, and you can imagine it being an animal in the sea, having to live around it.


Testing movement in water- 


As some of Alban Grodidier’s images show movement within the water, I decided to do a few images to test water movements incase I wanted to include it in my final images. I changed the exposure time and F stop to see which settings worked best. If I want to include water movement within my final images, I will do it in a way so it looks like the model is sinking in the water, capturing the ripples and bubbles.



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