Plastics I Will Use…

Rather than going out and purchasing plastic items for me to then use the plastic waste for my images, I decided to reach out to people and get them to keep their plastic recycling for me, so I can sort through it and use it in my images. I put a status up on Facebook this time last week, after my meeting with Matt, and I got a good response from it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 12.11.02 pm

I had people commenting on my status saying they’d keep their plastic rubbish for me to use, I had friends texting me saying the same thing. Within a week of collecting and keeping plastic waste, and other people giving me theirs too, I have MORE than enough to use in my pictures.

While collecting plastic and receiving it from other people, it was crazy to see how much plastic waste each household collects. Even from my own house within a day, I managed to fill a whole large plastic bag.

I work in fashion retail, and all of our clothing comes in individual plastic packets, which then come in bundles which are also in plastic packets, and then these come in bigger plastic packets which are then inside a cardboard box. When going through just one tub of delivery, its not hard to fill a whole rubbish bag with the plastic packets and coat hangers. This is how I also got a lot of my plastic, I kept a lot of it from work as I knew I would be able to collect more than enough to use for images. The shocking thing is, these types of plastic in retail aren’t recyclable.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 11.52.42 am

To collect some straws, I decided to go round a few local pubs and ask for some packs of plastic straws that they no longer use, as majority have now changed to paper. Rather than them sitting there doing nothing, I thought I would use them for my pictures.

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