Group Tutorial With Matt…

Last week we had a tutorial meetings with Matt to discuss our ideas further and get some help if we needed it. I was confident going in to this meeting as I had some good mood boards to show Matt, and really liked the idea I had in my head, and I was looking forward to seeing what other people thought of my ideas too.

I started off discussing my idea with Matt and showing him my mood boards. I told him that I wanted the narrative/message to be about the current plastic pollution issue, and I wanted my images to say something along the lines of “if you wouldn’t do it to your own family/friends, why are you doing it to the wildlife and our world?”. Matt seemed to like this message and idea, which I was pleased with as I was excited to create my images. I then showed him my mood boards in further detail and it seemed that I had so many different image ideas, that they wouldn’t fit together in a series. They were all good ideas according to Matt, but I needed to narrow down and focus on one specific idea and create a series from that.

Further on in the discussion, I showed my mood boards to the other people in my meeting, and Paige came up with a good idea of using one specific type of plastic for each image, so for example if I did a series of 5 images, I could use just straws in one image, plastic bottles in another, carrier bags in the other and so on. I really liked this idea, as it would make each of my images slightly different but still work as a series together. As I was then swaying towards this idea, Jenna showed me the photographer Alban Grosidier, whose work I had seen before and also come across again recently when finding inspiration. Jenna elaborated on the idea of maybe doing a similar thing to what Alban does and submerge people in a bath tub of water and combining the plastic within that.

This then sparked the idea in my head of getting someone or different people in a bath tub and surrounding them in a different type of plastic. This style of image would work in getting my message across as it would show real people being ‘drowned’ in plastic, which is what we’re doing to the wildlife that live in the ocean now. We are drowning and killing them in masses of plastic. 

As I was talking ideas aloud to Matt, it then gave me anther idea of using the different types of plastic in the bath tub different ways. For example, some of the news articles show animals choking on plastic, so I could get one of my models to be choking on a bunch of straws. Other news articles show fish and birds being caught in plastic bags, I could then use plastic bags to ‘suffocate’ a model while in water.

The more I was speaking to Matt and the group, my final idea came to my mind and I felt I was ready to start planning it in depth and planning a test shoot.

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