Developing An Idea…

After looking through my spider diagram and mood boards, a few images and ideas stuck out to me in particular. I really like some of the portrait images and some of the still life ones, and I wondered if I could perhaps combine these two together?

I really like the creativity within the portrait images I included in my mood boards. I like how the photographer has manipulated the person with materials, and made it look different to an ordinary portrait.

With the still life images of the plastic, I like how they’re just very simple. Sometimes less is more, and for these images, it works. Plastic is in the news and seen a lot everywhere lately due to the high increase in plastic pollution in recent years, perhaps these images are reflecting something to do with that or are maybe part of a series on that subject?

As these images caught my attention when finding inspiration, they have inspired me to look for similar images and potentially see if I can think of something to base my project on.

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