Developing An Idea Further…

As I am interested in the news, whats going on with the plastic pollution and the creative portrait images I found, I have thought of a way to combine them together, and also tell a narrative for my image series.

Although the series of images don’t have to be narrative driven, or have a story to tell, I personally feel like it helps the images speak louder and are stronger with a strong message or story behind them.

The story behind my series of images would be to do with the plastic pollution. I want to say to my audience something along the lines of “don’t do it, if you wouldn’t do it to your own home or your own kids”. Basically saying, stop putting plastic into the ocean where it harms animals and ruins their ‘homes’ if you wouldn’t do it to your own. 

I want to try and take images that combine the use of people, plastic, rubbish and water to try and get this message across, as I feel that if I can do it right, then it will work spot on and will hopefully have a good chance in the competition.

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