Previous Winning Images I like…

These are a selection of my favourite winning images from the last few years of the Sony Photo Awards.


2015 Pro Winner Photos-

  1. I like the angle this image was taken, the hight in the image really makes it interesting to look at. The shapes dotted throughout the image make it aesthetically pleasing. I like it because they’ve made something really simple, and possibly uninteresting at eye level, look really professional and eye catching.
  2. The reason I like this image was because of how it was shot close up, make the details and markings on her face really stand out. I also like how its in black and white, meaning there is no colour distracting you elsewhere from the image.
  3. This one caught my attention because of the way the photographer captures such a simple moment, but also caught a number of different emotions and facial expressions in one picture.
  4. Similar to the first image, I really like this image as the angle it was taken at really enhances the natural beauty of the location. I also like the soft colours, and how this image really doesn’t need a lot to look interesting and professional.
  5. The high contrast and strong shadows on this girls face was what drew me to like this image. Its very simply composed yet conveys a strong message through the expression on her face.
  6. This images was composed in an interesting way, putting an image within an image, is a simple yet effective way to create a photograph. It doesn’t always need a lot to create a good photograph.
  7. The symmetry and cleanliness of these windows/archways are very nice on the eye, they make the image aesthetically pleasing. Even with no colour in the image, its still eye catching.
  8. This image is simple, yet the message is strong. A simple image of a boy smiling, although its obvious he doesn’t have a lot to offer, this type of photography has always interested me and always catches my attention because of the story behind them.


2016 Pro Winner Photos-

  1. Although at first its quite hard to tell what this image is, I like it because it doesn’t look like a photograph, to me it looks like a painting. I also love birds eye view images, they make location images look really unique.
  2. I like this image because the message is quite obvious as soon as you look at it, its clear that its to do with the plastic pollution and how its getting worse, especially in recent years.
  3. This image coveys a clear message and thats what drew me to it, like the previous image, its to do with the plastic pollution. The message I get from this image is that there is a lot of plastic problems in the waters lately, and putting that scenario into real life, makes you realise how big of an issue it is becoming.
  4. Very similar to the previous image, taking the amount of plastic from the sea and putting it into every day human life, makes you realise how much plastic there is in the ocean. And if you was to put it into a human scenario, we wouldn’t be able to cope normally with the amount of plastic in our environment.
  5. I find this image very simple, and thats why I like it. I love the strong contrast between the black and white tones, and I also like how the movement of the flag has been captured effortlessly. 
  6. If this image wasn’t to be so bright, it definitely wouldn’t catch my attention as it would be a really boring image. But this one caught my eye because of the overwhelming amount of yellow. I think that a small yellow office is interesting as I haven’t seen one before.


2017 Pro Winners Photos- 

  1. To me this image is simple, yet effective. The repetition of the shapes makes it an interesting image, and the small hint of orange, possibly from a sunset makes this image ‘less bland’.
  2. This image caught my eye straight away as I think I understood it almost instantly. When I look at this image, I see an empty room that once coulee belonged to the photographers family member or friend, and they’ve photographed it empty to show that they have passed. If this observation is correct then this is a very simple image with a very deep message.
  3. This image caught my eye as to me it looks like a piece of drawn art, to me it looked like a pencil or charcoal sketch. I like hold bold it is and how tit stands out from the sky in the background.
  4. This one I like purely for its simplicity, it isn’t anything special really, but sometimes less is more.
  5. I like the fact that this image looks like a reflection but you can’t really tell if it is or not. There isn’t any visible water or mirrors, but it makes it look very arty. I like the bland white tones, but the small hints of blue really make this image stand out.
  6. My favourite part about this image is how the valley of water looks like it is being lit by the light in the sky, thats sitting behind the hills. The black and white tones make you really focus on that rather than having a lot of natural colour distracting you.
  7. This image caught my eye as it looks like a piece of art where the liquids/paints have bled across the page. I really like how it looks like art and not a photograph, but when you look at it close enough, you can tell its a birds eye view image of some sort of water, rocks and sand.
  8. The bit that caught me about this image was the sad look on the dogs face, and how they look like they’re stranded in water, possibly conveying the message of the aftermath of a storm.


2018 Pro Winners Photos-

  1. I like the cold blue tones within this image, and how the dark contrasting tones in the background make the blues stand out.
  2. The simplicity of this image is what caught my eye, I like how its a simple black and white portrait, yet the depth of field adds some interesting elements to it.
  3. What I like about this image is how the foreground is out of focus and the child laying down in the background is in focus. The black and white tones add to the message of this image by there being no colour to distract you from the child.
  4. I like this image for the contrasting tones. The dark shadows and lines, contrasting with the grass and the lightness of the sky.
  5. I like how this image documents what people are up to. It shows how they’re trying to learn/be educated, and although they haven’t got the best facilities to do it in, they’re still making the most of it.
  6. What I like about this image is how it isn’t just a generic picture of two horses, but I like how the angles are slightly off set. How one horse head is coming out the top of another, I like how they both were captured in the middle of making noises. Also, the background being plain makes the details of the horses features stand out.

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