Summarising The Project

  • Select a category that interests you to create a series of images, to then submit to the Sony Photo Awards
  • A minimum of 5 images and maximum of 10 images are required for entry
  • The images must form a coherent portfolio of work but do not need to be narrative driven
  • Your series of images must be accompanied by a series text (summing up your images, what they’re about and why you did it)
  • A4 prints, RAWs, JPEGs, evidence of submission to SWPO, research via Wordpess and a 5 minute presentation with a professional panel, speaking of which festivals, fellowships, awards etc you will target throughout the year- All required/need to be done for submission/hand in. 
  • Hand in for images and submissions is November 28th, panel presentations are 4th & 5th of December
  • Create a detailed planner/calendar to plan out the deadlines for awards and competitions

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 12.32.35 pm

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