Would I Be Willing To Undertake VR Commissions In The Future?

I am unsure whether I would be 100% willing to undertake VR commissions in the future. Only because I am not sure if it comes under photography or video/filming more?

To me a photographer takes images, still ones and could create photo films if they wanted. Yet I feel that VR is more of a video/footage style that a filter, director or videographer would create.

As the photography industry is adapting to be more technologically advanced .with VR, iPhones, cameras and editing software, photographers would want to adapt and change along with it. Therefore, people would commission a photographer who was up to date with the news tech and style of industry.

At the same time, some people like to stay ‘old school’ and traditional and would rather hire a photographer just for still image purposes.

I guess as a photographer, offering more of a range would give you more jobs/clients but I would want to focus on one style of capturing images, to develop and advance my skills in that one aspect. And I, as a photographer like to keep things old school with film and digital cameras.

I would be willing to learn about VR and how to create the content so I could work for a client who really wanted me to create VR content, but it wouldn’t be my first choice of media to promote my photography work with.

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