Evaluation- Process, Pros & Cons

For the editorial project brief we had been commissioned to photograph an editorial spread for The Telegraph Magazine. We had the choice of what to photograph but it had to be within the four topics of food, fashion, product or portrait. We were given a studio slot to use the Phase One Cameras and the Capture One Software to photograph our images with.

I focused my editorial images on the latest beauty trends for the current seasons. I decided to look into the recent trends in terms of colours, skin makeup and eyebrows and focus on the top trends within my pictures. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of photographing a fashion editorial spread, and I enjoy photographing beauty and portraits so that is how I came to my idea.

I didn’t face many problems during this project to be honest. The only hiccup I had was trying to relate my pictures to the Telegraph Magazine demographic, but after looking into it and pitching my idea to Julian, I think I have made it seem that beauty trend editorials can fit within any age range.

I had a lot of positives during this project in terms of having a solid idea and initial research done very early on, I had a smooth shoot day in terms of getting my equipment and having a good team sorted, I got some good quality images that work well within the layout and I also am proud that I have managed to photograph, edit and get everything finished for the deadline.

I wouldn’t change much if I was to do this project again, except that I would maybe choose food and/or drink for the current seasons. It is a type of photography I have always been slightly interested in and think it would have been a very fun and colourful shoot to create.

I feel that my images support my topic and idea well and show what I initially wanted them to. They show the current skin and makeup trends for the Spring/Summer seasons.

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