Will photographers be required to generate VR footage in the near future?

I think that photographers could be required or commissioned to create VR footage in the future as the modern tech world and creative industries are vastly evolving along side each other. With the photography world turning more mobile, and the VR world turning more complex and affordable, I think that the two could end up crossing paths at some point in the near future, if it hasn’t already.

Im not too sure how VR video footage would work with/for photographers but I think that VR 360 photography could become a bigger thing. If photographers offer 360 images as well as regular still images, it could boost their potential with more clients, as VR would be more upcoming and give people a niche to offer to clients.

360 images would work really well for landscape, event and product photographers. Being able to photograph someones wedding for example and sending them over 360 VR images of their big day, the venue, the family portraits etc would be amazing. It would be stunning to view landscape photography as a 360 degree image or VR footage, as you would be able to place yourself in that location, turning every image into an experience through seeing. For product photography it could work really well in terms of getting a closer look at products you would potentially be interested in buying.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 5.24.24 pm

360 and VR footage could work for fashion photographers and designers. For example, if someone is releasing a new collection, you could view the new fashion collection through 360. You could almost be in the middle of a circle of models, who would be wearing the new clothes. And where you can view the models in 360, you would be able to turn around in the middle of that circle, getting a close look at the outfits, colours, materials and fitting. I think that would be quite cool! It would be cool for fashion students for example when they showcase their final collections. I think it would be really cool as well to view fashion and art installations through 360 VR images and video footage.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 5.11.18 pm

I am still unsure of how well it would work for photographers though. I think VR footage could work better for people who are filmers, videographers, directors etc. And the 360 VR images would be something more for photographers. If photographers were to generate VR footage, they would be turning into filmers rather than photographers, and it would be a completely different take on their career.

As I previously mentioned, with the photography industry and modern tech world evolving rapidly together, they will definitely cross paths in the future, and are starting to already. It is exciting but daunting to see what the future of the photography industry holds.



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