Interview 1- VR User

The first interview I conducted was a friend’s husband named Rowan.

What VR set do you use?
I use Playstation VR

What do you use it for?
I use it for games and entertainment experiences like Youtube, 3D Blu-rays, VR Cinema and as a second screen for non- VR games.

How does using it make you feel? Does it change your experiences in any way?
VR has made me feel many different ways- happy, scared, relaxed, excited and occasionally nauseous! VR has the power to immerse you in an experience in a way that amplifies these feelings to a very high level. The way it changes an experience is very difficult to describe, it really only makes sense when you put the headset on.

Do you think VR should continue to improve and become a bigger part of modern technology?
I am supremely confident that as the tech improves, the price comes down and the barriers to entry are removed that VR will become a massive part of technology. It is already being used in other areas aside from entertainment (medicine/science, education etc). I think gaming is just the tip of the iceberg for what people will use VR for in the future.

I believe it will be an amazing educational tool that will be standard in classrooms at some point (example, visiting ancient Egypt in a history lesson. Rather than just looking at books and documentaries, students will be able to walk around together IN Egypt with their teacher pointing things out to them).

Do you think VR footage could become crucial to photographers in the next few years?
I’m not sure in which ways it would/could be incorporated by photographers beyond the 360 type photos that are already prevalent but I am sure there are people much smarter than me (such as yourself!) who could find many interesting ways to incorporate it into their work.

If you were in the creative industry, would you be willing to undertake commissions that require you to generate VR? If yes, why?
I would yes, mainly based on the fact that I’m such a believer in the technology. I would also love to be able to be involved in something with so much potential at its roots/beginnings.

If you were to hire a photographer for an important event, such as a wedding, would you want the photographer to generate VR footage of the important day as well as images?… For example, if I was to be photographing your wedding, would you want to view large family portraits and images/clips of the day thorough VR rather than a still image? Or have both?
I guess that would depend on how much extra it was going to cost but yes, I would personally have loved that at our wedding. It would have changed my experience looking back on the memories of the big day!

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