Evaluation- Process, Pros,Cons & Team Efforts


This project was an open brief to create a style of short film of our choice. We could choose who we worked with, in a group of 3 and we had total creative control over what we made. Our final short film was to be no longer than 10 minutes long and had to be edited in Premier Pro.

The process of this project run very smoothly for majority of it, as we were all organised and worked well together, minus a few issues along the way, we quickly resolved them and carried on with our project. We managed to plan, film and edit our short film in time for hand in and we all worked really hard to achieve the outcome.


There were a lot of positives to our group project overall. We established specific job roles for each group member right at the start of it all, which made it clear what we would each be focusing on to get it all sorted and planned. I was doing the styling/accessories/, Emily was finding and booking the models, and Rachel was focusing on the makeup looks and finding MUA’s who could help us out. I was really happy with my role as I am very into fashion and styling and knew I had some good ideas in mind to make out film look good in terms of finding the right outfits. We all fulfilled our job roles really well, and if anyone had an issue with anything, we all helped each other out. Making it easier and less stressful for one another.

When it came to shooting the short film, we all took it in turns to film some clips and we all took it in turn taking images. This made the shoot day less stressful as there wasn’t a lot of pressure just on one person. Emily did really well at organising all of the models to be there on time and finding the right girls for us to use. Rachel did really well with sourcing makeup artists and I felt that I personally did a really good job at sourcing the outfits they wore and also helping source MUA’s.

There weren’t any arguments within the group throughout this whole project. There were a few disagreements when it came to having certain clips shot a certain way and how we wanted the makeup to look and what shoes they wore, but nothing that affected us working well together. We all fed off of each others ideas and opinions and really came together to have fun with this project.


As well as positives, there were a few negatives. Nothing that majorly effected us creating a short film for hand in, but just a few minor issues. One of the negatives was that we had to rearrange our shoot day to a week after the original day we had planned to shoot. This meant that we lost a week of editing time as we were delayed in filming it. Which meant that when it came to edit the film, it worked out that Emily was the main person who could edit it and complete it on time for our group. On the day of the rearranged shoot, a few models dropped out on the day and didn’t turn up, but it wasn’t a major issue for us as Emily had sorted out more than enough models incase something like that happened.

Time keeping was a minor issue we faced. As we all live in separate areas, all have jobs and a lot of other projects going on at the same time, we found it difficult at times to all meet up as a group. We met up in uni whenever we could, but other than that, majority of the communication and idea sharing was being done via our group Google Drive and Whatsapp group.

Team Efforts-

All of us worked so well together and I am really proud of what we have created and achieved as a group. We all had job roles to carry out, meaning that the work load was shared equally, and no one was left out or had too much to do by themselves. Emily did a really good job with sorting out models, and editing the film. Rachel did a really good job with sorting out the MUA’s and directing the filming and I feel that I did a really good job with the styling, helping Rachel source MUA’s, direct the filming and also taking images. If we were to improve as a group, time keeping is what we would need to improve on. Next time around, I feel we should make more time and more of an effort to all meet up in person. This way, we could’ve all contributed to the editing equally.

Other than this, the project went well and how we wanted it to. We had planned and thought out an original idea and we managed to make it come to life, exactly how we had pictured from the start. I am more than pleased with how our final film looks, and I am more than happy with the two group members I chose to work with. We have done really well.

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