The Final Soundtrack/ Audio

After debating about which music to use over the top of our short film for a while, we all finally came to a group decision that we liked 7/11 by Beyonce the best. The karaoke version of this song fit the style of our film best out of all the songs we were considering. Having this song over the top gave our short film a happy and upbeat vibe and it just worked really well with the clips overall.

Some other songs we were debating to add over the top were…

  • On My Mind- Jorja SMith
  • Be The One- Dua Lipa
  • Nice For What- Drake
  • XO- Beyonce

In the end we decided that having no voice overs and that the beat, feel and timings of the 7/11 fit best. We decided on no voice overs in the end as it just didn’t fit or work as well over the top of the short film as we had imagined. It was the wrong style film to have voice overs over the top of, and therefore we thought music fit better.

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