The Editing Process On Premier Pro

As we were delayed shooting by a week, this delayed and slowed down the process when it came to editing our short film and putting it all together. When it came to editing our short film, we all had a lot going on with other project shoots, other deadlines and also busy work schedules, meaning we all found it very hard to meet up as a group to try and edit this short film. In the end, the only group member who had a few free days to put it together was Emily. So Emily look control of editing the short film for our group.

While Emily was editing this film, we were always in constant contact with each other, sharing ideas and opinions to improve the film where it needed it. Emily was always sending short clips over via whatsapp meaning we could see her editing process and what it looked like, and we all contributed by saying what we liked and what we would change. Although Emily was the one editing it on her laptop using Premier Pro, me and Rachel still contributed where we could.

One of the days Emily was editing the film, I was at work all day so I couldn’t help Emily as much as I would’ve liked, but she came down to where I work and sat at a table editing it so I could constantly go over and see how she was doing and also give her my opinion and tips where I could. Me and Emily also met up one day to edit our Sky Atlantic posters and was discussing the short film then, and I was contributing ideas towards what music we should try over the top and also that we should maybe change the ending clip, as I wasn’t personally too keen on it.

Once all of the slight changes were made, and the logo was added into the film, Emily sent us the newest version to watch and we were more than happy with it altogether. Emily has done a really good job with putting this together in a short time frame, we are all proud of how it has come out as a final short film.

This was Emily’s editing process on Premier Pro…

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 12.43.31 pm

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