Editing Our Chosen Images- JPEGS

These are the edits of the RAW images we chose. Emily edited the images of Saffie/Hatch. I edited the images of the scientists, Lucy (Pippa) and Thomas (Bryce), and Rachel edited all of the prop images, the egg, petri dishes and flasks.

In the portrait images I edited, I didn’t do a lot of retouching, as I didn’t want it to look too edited. As we did most of the work with the lighting when taking the images, all they needed was to be made a bit darker on the shadows and a bit lighter on the white backdrop. I also slightly retouched the skin, making it look a bit smoother, and I also enhanced the red blood and effects within the bite marks on their face and neck.

Rachel mainly edited the actual prop rathe than the background. As the props were well lit anyway, they didn’t need a lot of work but the slight adjustments Rachel did make has made them look really good for the posters. Emily also made the ones of Hatch look good in terms of some slight lightening and darkening of areas, hiding the bald cap line and enhancing some of the green tones.

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