Our Images- Contact Sheets

Overall we took around 1000 images of the three actors and the three prop posters. These are a few contact sheets from the pictures we took on the day. I took the images of Bryce and Pippa, Emily took the images of Saffie and the petri dish and Rachel took the images of the egg and the test tubes. We kept the images in the exact same positions or as close as we possibly could so then when it came to morphing, they would be the same and give the best effect. When taking the portraits, I made sure we got them in the same positions by making little marks on the backdrop so the models knew where to line themselves up and so we knew where to place the props.

Now we had all of our images, we needed to go through and select our favourites to then edit and turn into moving image posters.











Normal Egg/ Cracked Egg-



Normal Petri Dish/ Cracked Petri Dish-



Normal Test Tube/ Overflowing Test Tube-

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