Our Shoot Day- 21/05/18

The final day for us to shoot our Sky Atlantic posters was Monday 21st May, and Matt had allocated us an all day slot from 10am-4pm. This was more than enough time to get everything shot and filmed as we worked really well as a team and had everything organised.

Emily managed to get all the models there for 9:30am and Rachel got the MUA there for the same time. We felt that 9:30 was early enough so Saffie could quickly do some basic skin makeup on Bryce and Pippa while we were still setting up the studio ready to start shooting at 10am.

On the morning of the shoot, at 9:45am, the model we had planned to act as ‘Hatch’ had some issues with the trains and ended up not being able to make it to Ravensbourne. We were then really stuck with what to do as we didn’t have anyone else to play our character and we didn’t have enough time in the week to book the studio out again. In the end, we got our makeup artist Saffie to play Hatch. She did the makeup on Pippa and Bryce and then started getting herself ready in the alien form of Hatch. This wasn’t an issue to us as Saffie fit the look just as well as Kiera did, if not a bit better, so in a way it was a blessing in disguise to us as she ended up playing the part really well and doing a really good job with the SFX makeup.

When we were in the studio setting up, I thought it would be a good idea to split the studio space we had in half. As we were already sharing the studio with another group on the other side of the curtain, we already had a small amount of space. I thought it would be more practical if we split our small space in half, and have the portraits of the people being taken on one side of the room and then the prop shots being taken on a table on the other side of the room. Emily and Rachel agreed this would work well so thats how we set up our studio space.

We split the image taking fairly so that everyone got an equal chance at taking photos. We assigned each of ourselves two posters each, meaning we would all have an equal amount to do. I took the images for the 2 posters of the 2 scientists, Lucy and Thomas. Emily took the images of Hatch and the petri dishes and then Rachel took the images of the test tube and the egg.

Overall, our shoot day was very successful, we took all of the images we wanted/needed to, managed to set everything up fine, had all of our props and equipment and overall, worked really well as a team. We finished shooting a bit early meaning we had enough time to pack up and be out of the studio just before 4pm.

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