How Successful Are These VR Videos/Clips?


Out of the two apps, I feel that I got the better experience from NYTVR than I did Guardian VR. Although I had the headset to view both apps for the best quality experience, I personally preferred the content on this app than the Guardian VR app.

I think that these clips were very successful in terms of putting you into another place and triggering all of your senses. I really enjoyed the Marrakesh video and the meditation video I experienced. They really opened my eyes to what its like to be in a place I had never been in before, and having always wanted to go to Marrakesh, it has made me want to go even more.

The Fight For Fallujah video was successful in terms of giving the viewer a good first hand experience at what it would really be like to be there in that environment. The sounds and emotions triggered all of my senses at the same time, really improving the viewing of the footage.

Guardian VR-

I still enjoyed watching the Guardian VR content, but not as much as I did the NYTVR. If I wasn’t to have the headset and a pair of headphones then the videos would have been un-viewable, which limits their audience. Only because I had a headset and headphones, was I able to fully immerse myself into the virtual reality world.

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