What Props and Costumes I Have Provided


As Emily managed to get majority of the props from our old secondary school, there weren’t that many left to get. We just needed a whiteboard, scissors and mainly a large egg. Luckily, Emily’s mum had a whiteboard and marker set at home, so she could bring that in.

We weren’t having much luck with the egg. We originally wanted a large ostrich sized egg that we could photograph normally and then crack and photograph too. We wanted to have a larger sized egg so that it looked better in images, the cracks would be bigger and therefore look better on camera. We couldn’t find any online anywhere that were either the right size or shape and none of them would be delivered on time. To overcome this issue, I bought some large eggs, that we could crack on the day of the shoot and then enlarge them even more on Photoshop. I also managed to find green food colouring to change the colour of the liquid from clear to green. 

Clothing and Accessories-

As well as extra background props, I was in charge of the styling for the character images. I followed the mood boards I made and looked at the character references and chose to dress each character in the following.

Hatch- hospital gown, nasal canular, electrotherapy sticky head pads

Lucy- white lab coat, clipboard, science goggles, smart looking glasses

Thomas- white lab coat, clipboard, science goggles, smart looking glasses

I supplied these items for the characters as I thought they would look best and really help them get into character.

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