NYTVR- Meditate By The Ocean- Review

The next video I watched out of choice as I thought it might actually help me at this particular time. I watched a meditation VR video through my headset.

It was a 5 minute long video where it took me to the the cliffs in Northern California. It put me in a peaceful atmosphere where I was enjoying the sunny weather and listening to the ocean waves. While taking in the breathtaking views of the cliff tops.

I chose to watch this video so I could have a peaceful five minutes to myself. As I was feeling a lot of stress, this video helped me to unwind and recollect my thoughts while watching through the headset.

This video would not have been the same if I was just to be watching it on my phone or laptop screen. Using the VR headset really allowed me to fully concentrate on being there and calming myself down. I enjoyed listening to the waves and relaxing. It really was a calming experience.

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