NYTVR- 52 Places To Go: Marrakesh- Review

After we had watched the NYTVR videos from the brief, we then had the free choice to watch some more videos of our choice. While looking through the app to find a VR video of interest to me, I came across a playlist of videos called 52 Places To Go. I went onto this playlist and selected to watch the Marrakesh video. I chose this particular video because I have always wanted to go to Marrakesh and I am really fascinated by all of the colours in their architecture.

Watching this video in the VR headset was really interested to me and I wish it was longer than 1 minute 10 seconds. I felt like I was actually in Marrakesh for a slight minute. Looking around the preserved gardens through the headset made me want to visit Marrakesh even more than before.

The colours, architecture and people really came alive in this short clip and I felt part of the atmosphere.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.29.23 pm

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