My Favourite Edited Images



These are my favourite images of Emmy. Out of my favourite ones I managed to pick one from each makeup trend. I liked these particular images of each makeup trend because they really show good colour and skin. Mt particular favourites are the images of the freckled skin and blue eyeshadow. I really like how they came out in terms of the lighting, angle and pose she is doing.

The makeup look of the winged eyeliner is one where I edited on the makeup using Photoshop. I didn’t get the chance to photograph a look like this on the day, but had looked into it beforehand, so therefore I took one of the plain images of Emmy and edited on the eyeliner to create another look.

I am proud of how these have come out and that I managed to capture each makeup trend I had intended to.








The images of Nana that I like the most consist of three of the red lip trend, one of a green eyeshadow look and one of a pastel purple eyeshadow look. The ones of Nana in the bold red lipstick are probably my favourite images out of the whole shoot. We had a lot of fun taking these images and she was great at showcasing the red lip trend.

The images of the purple eyeshadow trend didn’t come out how I had imagined them too, I still like them but am just a little bit disappointed by them. I wish I had got closer shots of the eyes rather tan full face portraits.

The image of Nana with the green eyeshadow is another look where I edited the makeup on in Photoshop. Green was a colour I had been looking at during research and wanted to put into a makeup look to photograph, but again, didn’t have the time so therefore had no images involving a light colour green. I as most of my mood boards show that pastel colours are one of the latest trends, this green shade really works and fits into the series of images I created.


Cropped Down Facial Features-


These are a few images I have cropped down to fit into the four small square boxes on the second to last page of the layout. One of the boxes will show the natural eyebrow trend, and two of the boxes will show two different lip colour trends. I still need to figure out a fourth image to crop down to fill in the last small box, but it will probably be another eye image so I have to eyes and two lips.


Joint Portrait-

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 8.48.35 pm
Trend- Natural skin with a slight colour on the lip (Emmy) and a slight golden glow on the eyelids (Nana)

This image is my favourite of all of the group portraits I took. I wasn’t too keen on them overall but thought I would take them incase I didn’t like any of the others for the layout. This one best showed the subtle gold eyeshadow on Nana and the subtle pink tone on Emmy’s lips. This will be an image I would use as a last resort incase none of the others fit together or work well in the layout.

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