Guardian VR- The Party- Review

This video called The Party was about experiencing the emotions and feelings of a teenage girl with autism at her mum’s surprise birthday party.

Putting on the headset and watching/experiencing this footage, took you into her world and showed in depth what she feels and how she copes with situations. It has made me view autism in a different way to what I did before.

The emotions you learn from what the girl feels while watching this visual reality is that she can’t cope with a lot of people in the room at once, she can sometimes be unsociable when it gets too much. When the surprise of the party happens, the girl freezes at that moment in time.

This clip really opened my eyes to what people with autism feel and experience compared to myself. I think that this style VR could in the future be used in education. Such as medical students or psychology students using it for studies on mental health, autism, and how people think etc.

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