Guardian VR- 6X9 Video- Review

The Guardian VR app only had VR footage that could be viewed through a cardboard headset, so I was glad that I had one so I could get the full experience from watching these VR videos. Without the VR set, the screen was split in two and it didn’t give the same experience watching it without the headset.

I was quite excited to experience this video as I have always had in interest in prisons and crimes. I have done previous projects and interviews with prisons and have always loved watching crime documentaries etc. The video takes you into a small confined prison cell for 9 minutes and gives you facts as the video goes along.

This video warns you at the start that it may make you feel uncomfortable and emotional, and it did. By the end of the video I felt confined and emotional just from watching/ experiencing the video. Hearing the other prisoners shout around me felt really real, as I had my headphones in, that was all I could hear and concentrate on.

As I immersed myself into the small prison cell for 9 minutes, it really made me feel like I was trapped there. Although it was slightly scary, I knew it wasn’t real and watched it until the end.  I couldn’t imagine really being stuck there for more than 9 minutes in real life.

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