NYTVR- The March For Our Lives Protest- Review

After ‘The Fight For Fallujah’, I watched a video called ‘The March For Our Lives Protest’. This was a visual reality video showing Americans coming together and having a mass protest on gun violence. This topic is constantly all over the news and is a very sad situation to hear about. Seeing people come together and try to do something about it is a very emotional and empowering thing to watch as it affects a whole country deeply.

No images on the news or social media would ever do this protest justice. However, watching it through the VR headset really highlighted how many people were there and how big the protest was. I put my phone in my VR headset and watched the protest take place in front of my own eyes.

Being able to rotate my head around the room and see the amount of people surrounding me during this protest was amazing. It really showed the extent of the event. The size and numbers of this protest really goes to show that shootings and gun violence needs to come to a stop immediately.

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