NYTVR- The Fight For Fallujah- Review

The Fight For Fallujah is a virtual reality video generated to give the viewer an immersive experience into the world of the Iran soldiers invading Fallujah to stop the ISIS soldiers.

Creating this video using VR footage really changed the video/short film as a whole. Rather than just watching the video on a flat screen, you were able to be involved in the experience through visuals and sound effects and able to view everything that was going on at all angles. You could see what was going on in front of you, next to you and behind you, while all standing in one spot and not actually being there.

The impact of the situation highlighted in this video was heightened by creating it as a visual reality, it really changed the experience and made me feel many more emotions when watching this.

Seeing the state of the country and what war has done to it, how it has affected family lives and children lives made me feel really emotional as I was watching and experiencing it so closely through my VR headset. Events such as this are always on the news, in newspapers or being covered online, but being able to watch it and ‘be there in a sense’, really gave me a personal experience.

Watching this VR video was a lot better through the headset than watching it with the 360 degree view. Having everything blocked out in terms of light and noise and being able to put my full concentration into watching it on the headset was a lot better than just sitting there with my phone and turning it around the room.

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