Models & Makeup Artists- Who We Are Using…


Finding models for this project was a lot harder than we all anticipated, Emily was really struggling to find people who were willing to take part. Everyone we asked was up for modelling for us, until SFX makeup was mentioned, and people were very put off of the idea. I managed to help Emily find someone to model for our Hatch character and also the female scientist, Lucy.

The girl we found for Hatch was an old school friend and she fit the look we were after with the short hair and androgynous style features and she was up for it when I first messaged her about it. I then passed her details on to Emily so she could sort out the dates and times with Kiera (the model).

Emily found the male model who would play the male scientist Thomas, she managed to find a guy called Bryce, who fit the character profile we had made.

The one character that Emily struggled to find a model for was the female scientist. She came to me and Rachel for help looking for someone as our shoot day was getting closer and we needed someone asap. We all put out various posts on lots of modelling groups and pages and was having no luck. Then a few days later, a girl called Pippa got in touch with me regarding one of the posts I put out and luckily she said yes to modelling for us and was also fine with having special effects makeup applied on her.

Makeup Artist-

Rachel found us a SFX makeup artist who had confirmed she could make it for our shoot right at the start, so we were confident we always had a makeup artist there. We were trying to find a second MUA to speed up the process of getting everyone ready on time, but we couldn’t find anyone else, so we just stuck with just the one MUA.

The SFX MUA that Rachel found was a girl called Saffie Dunlop. Rachel showed us images of the looks and effects she had previously created and we were all really impressed with her skills and knew she’d be perfect to create the SFX looks for our shoot for the alien and bitten scientists.

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