What Props We Managed To Get

For the props, all 3 of us were looking on Amazon, eBay and even some theatrical hire places, and it all worked out to be very expensive to purchase or rent them for a few days for our shoot and some of the delivery dates wouldn’t have been in time. With little money between us and little time left before the day of our shoot, we had to result to other resources.

We tried to think of places where we could try and get or borrow the props we needed for free. Emily and I got on well with the technicians at our old secondary school and had the idea of emailing them to ask if we could borrow some equipment. Emily emailed them and very fortunately they responded saying it was perfectly fine for us to borrow as much equipment as we needed. On the day we could collect it, Emily was the only one able to go and get it so she went down and they let her take as much as we needed.

Emily managed to leave our old secondary school with…

  • 2 wooden test tube holders
  • a bunsen burner, mat and tripod
  • 2 large measuring cylinders
  • 4 medium sized test tubes
  • 2 funnels
  • 2 peppets
  • 2 pairs of protective goggles
  • 2 large beakers
  • 2 small beakers
  • 2 circular based beakers
  • a metal test tube holder

This was more than enough to create a science lab scene with. We just had to get a few more items from our homes such as scissors. pliers and a whiteboard with pens. Emily also ordered some glass petri dishes from Amazon as we didn’t want to ruin the ones we borrowed form the school, as we were going to be smashing them.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.34.07 pm

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