Our Team- Models, MUA’s & Assistants

We had a new shoot date, I managed to book us in the walker space on Thursday 10th May from 5pm. This was the latest we could film it as we realistically needed enough time to edit before hand in.

As the first team for the original shoot date didn’t work out, we were all hands on deck with finding more models, makeup artists and assistants. Emily had the role of finding and sourcing the models, and Rachel had the role of finding and sourcing the makeup artists. As I had sorted and sourced the clothes for the models, I helped Rachel with finding makeup artists as she was struggling with finding people. I managed to help find 2 of the 3 makeup artists, one of them being a hair stylist as well.

– Models –

Emily managed to find 10 models altogether but only 7 could make it in the end. We were happy with only having 7, as it was the most models we had and they fit the look of our shoot well, with a range of dark skin tones.

[L-R= Lilye, Mary, Precious, Olivia, Blessing, Rene, Solene]

– Makeup Artists –

Me and Rachel together managed to find 3 makeup artists, we wanted to find as many as we could as then it wouldn’t take as long for all of the models to be ready. We could give each of the makeup artists a few models each, speeding up the process. Rachel found a hair and makeup artist called Melody and I found two makeup artists called Ryn and Roxana.

– Filming Assistants –

As we didn’t have a lot of filming experience between us, we wanted to try and find a filmer/s who could assist us on the day of our shoot and help us film the shots we wanted. We asked around and we managed to find two people, Sam and Harry, who were free to come in and assist us.

This was our final team for filming on Thursday 10th May, and as a group we were all more than confident with shooting our short film this time round.


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