My Editing Process

When going through my images to pick my best ones to edit. it was a lot easier than I thought. I had a rough idea of what kind of images I would pick when taking them anyway as I could visualise what would work in the layout and what wouldn’t.

Once I had selected some of my favourites, I very simply edited them only using a few tools that would make some slight adjustments. I didn’t want to make too many adjustments so that they look edited/fake but I wanted to edit them enough so that the skin looked nice and clear and that the colours were bright enough and stood out.

I edited the skin using a surface blur technique that I had been shown before by Chris. The surface blur is a quick and easy way of achieving smooth looking skin on Photoshop. For the colours and highlights for the makeup I used the simple dodge and burn tool and also painted over a few eyes and lips, ever so slightly to brighten to colours up a little bit. Other than this, I sharpened up some of the details and I felt my images looked good, so I left the editing at that.

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