Final Shoot Day- 02/05/18

Wednesday 2nd May was the day of my scheduled studio slot. My partner was Lukas and I had the first slot of the day from 10am until 12:30pm. On the morning of my shoot, I got to Ravensbourne quite early, I arrived there around 8:30am. I got there early so that I could go and collect my equipment from CLR’s lockers, which I had previously arranged with them and could set everything up on time to start shooting at 10am on the dot.

I got my models and makeup artist there for 9am, giving them plenty of time to get the first two makeup looks done to start photographing them as soon as possible. My assistant Lukas was running slightly late to help me set up due to travel issues, he didn’t end up arriving until  around 9:45am. I had managed to set my studio up by myself but just needed a hand with the last few bits setting up the camera and testing the lighting.

Once my shoot time had started at 10am, I was taking my first lot of images of Emmy and getting the first makeup trend photographed. Once the first look was done on Emmy, I switched to photographing Nana and vice versa. This ensured that my shoot ran really smooth and everything went to plan with getting the images I had planned.

This was how my schedule ended up going-

  • 10am- Start photographing- l
  • Look 1- Emmy- natural eyebrows and freckled skin
  • Look 2- Nana- bold glow highlighter look/trend
  • Look 3- Emmy- bold pink lip look/trend
  • Look 4- Nana- bright red lip look/trend
  • Look 5- Emmy- pale blue eyelids and light pink lips
  • Look 6- Nana- pastel purple eyelids
  • Look 7- Emmy- subtle peach coloured blush and matching colour on lips
  • Look 8- Nana- subtle golden glow on the eyelids
  • Finished off the photoshoot with portraits of both girls together laughing and having fun

I finished photographing around 5 minutes before my shoot slot ended at 12:30, giving me a small amount of time to have a break before Lukas’ shoot started. Luckily Lukas was using the same lighting and studio set up as me so we didn’t have to change a lot round for him to start shooting.

Overall, I am very happy with how smoothly and calmly my photoshoot went. I feel I captured some good images that I can edit and play around with to put into the layout. I couldn’t have asked to be paired with anyone better, me and Lukas worked really well together, he constantly helped me out and played a huge part in my photos turning out so well.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.58.11 pm
My assistant Lukas posing for a lighting test shoot using QP cards and a light meter. 

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