Equipment List

This is a list of the equipment we will be using to shoot our short film makeup advert.

  • Canon Camera– x3 – one each
  • Spare camera batteries x3 – one spare each
  • SD cards– x6 – two each
  • Camera lenses– x4
  • Hot shoe adaptors– x2 – one spare 
  • Camera tripods– x2
  • Macbook laptops– x3 – one each
  • Laptop chargers– x3 
  • Tethering cables– x3 – one for each laptop 
  • Elinchrom square 70×70 softbox– x2
  • Elinchrom strip softbox– x2
  • Elinchrom octalight– x1
  • Quadra Ranger Portable Flashkit– x1
  • Elinchrom Pro 500 Flash Heads– x4 – for the soft boxes
  • Elinchrom 1200RX Flash Head– x1- for the octalight 
  • Lighting Stands– x4
  • Backdrop Stands– x1 set
  • Backdrop– x1- white
  • Small mirror– x3 
  • White Cube x1
  • Clothing/outfits– x8 
  • Surveys for models to fill out 

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