The Storyboard

After looking over our inspiration videos from KKW, Kylie Cosmetics and Missguided and once we had discussed as a group what kind of shots we wanted and the general look of our advert, we created a storyboard.

We discussed the ideas as a group and then Emily drew up this rough storyboard so we make sure we get all the shots we want when it comes to the day of filming.

These were the kind of film shots we wanted to capture…

  • We wanted some shots of the girls looking at themselves in mirrors and smiling to show they’re happy with how they look
  • Some shots with the MUA’s involved, having some slightly touch ups to their skin
  • We wanted some shots of the girls laughing and dancing together to show that they are happy and confident within their skin now they have found the perfect products
  • We also wanted some group shots to show them ‘coming together’, kind of like an unbeatable girl gang with their flawless skin makeup

Capturing all of these style shots will get across the ‘behind the scenes’ vibe we are after, and having the models happy and connecting with each other will be a feel good style advert, making it look like they are beyond happy using our ‘Mystique Makeup’ products.

We are aiming for a 5 minute short film overall, meaning each style shot would be about 30 seconds long.

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