Music & Voice Overs

We have been thinking about having some sort of music over the top of our short film to give it a more happy and fun vibe. We thought it might be a good idea to include voice overs over the top of the models clips, of them talking about the makeup brand and explaining how it matches their skin tone near enough perfectly.

We have a rough idea of how we want our film to look and how the clips will go together and thought it would be nice to have voice overs of the models talking over the top as well as some music.When it comes to the end of our film we then want all the girls to be together and to show them having fun in front of the studio set up. At this point we then want louder music and the voice overs to end.

For the voice over clips, we would record each model talking about who they are, where they’re from, what shade of our foundation they are and what their ethnic background is, To make it quite personal and intimate with the models. Then once these voice overs ended, we wanted some upbeat music to be playing but slightly louder.

We had some ideas of the sort of songs we want layered over the top…

These are three examples of potential songs we may use over the top of our makeup advert. Each song is quite relaxed but upbeat at the same time. As our video is a more calm behind the scenes style film, having a more relaxed/slow song will fit it better. Also, having a calmer beat in the background of the voice overs won’t be too distracting. There are some parts of the songs which are slightly more upbeat, which will work well when theres more movement within the models and when the voiceovers have ended.

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