Recapping Before My Shoot Day

As my studio slot to use a Phase One camera is tomorrow, I am quickly recapping on who my team are, my visual references and what I will be photographing during my scheduled time slot.

My Team-

  • Emmy Burrows- Model 1 (white)
  • Nana Boaitey- Model 2 (black)
  • Grace Peploe- Makeup artist
  • Lukas- Assistant

Moodboard/ Visual Reference 1-

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 2.39.42 pmVisual references for colours and which facial features I will photograph each trend on.

  • Pastel colours- eyes
  • Natural look- brows
  • Simple eyeliner- eyes
  • Bold colours- lips
  • Glowing skin- face

Moodboard/ Visual Reference 2-

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.36.19 pm

Visual references for the kind of shot I will take to show each trend.

  • Whole face shots-  showing skin makeup and some lip makeup
  • Close ups of the eyes and lips- macro style shots to fit in the 4 small boxes on the layouts
  • Close portraits- turn face to the side to show the glow in the skin
  • Fun facial expressions- pouting to show lip colour boldly and winking to show the eye makeup closely


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