How Do I Know My Lighting Plan Will Work?- Diagrams Explained

In a previous post I uploaded a lighting diagram to give a rough idea of how I am planning on lighting my photoshoot. I want to use lighting that will radiate the models skin and really make the colours of the makeup pop in my images. As I shoot quite a lot of portraiture and beauty in my own time, I am using old photoshoots as a reference to help me with this project.

This was the diagram I sketched out and what I will follow on the day-

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 5.05.07 pm

I will have my model in the centre of the studio set up and around my models I will have two soft boxes, pointing towards the backdrop to make the backdrop brighter and also to light up the back of the models head and face. In front of the model, I will then have a large octalight softbox to light up the front of the face using the flash. At each side of the octalight I will have two white polyboards to reflect the flash and the light onto the models face, which will make the colours and glow brighter in the makeup.

Previous shoots where I have used this set up-


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