The Telegraph Magazine Demographic

During my meeting with Julian and peers James and Elspeth, something was mentioned to me was ‘how will my shoot idea fit within the Telegraph magazine demographic?’, and it made me think…

The demographic for the Telegraph Magazine is age 35+, applying to business people on their commutes or mature, older people who read at home. The Telegraph magazine is very factual and contains serious articles compared to other newspapers and supplements, therefore, perfect for that age range demographic. A recent study showed that over 46% of their readers were over 65 years of age, while only 15% are under the age of 34. This is probably due to the content it produces, like I previously mentioned, more factual and serious articles etc.

In recent years, The Telegraph Magazine has been trying to appeal to a more younger audience so that they can get their information and facts from their newspaper and supplement rather than social media and the internet. They have been trying to appeal to a younger audience by posting and publishing a lot more of their content and articles online, this way virtually anyone and everyone of any age, will be able to access and read their content, and not be so restricting.




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