How Does TTM’s Demographic Affect & Apply To My Idea?

When the demographic issue was brought to my attention, it seemed like a big issue and that I would perhaps have to rethink and change my idea to fit the demographic age range of 35+. However, after some debate and conversation, I don’t need to change anything.

I realised I don’t need to change my idea to something different, as makeup and beauty can appeal to anyone of any age. Makeup and beauty trends aren’t just for teenage girls. I explained to Julian that anyone can wear any type of makeup that they want and wear any colour they feel suits them. Everyone is free to express themselves at any age.  I also mentioned the fact that older people are trying to look younger in today’s society and be free with what they wear and how they look.

I gave Julian an example of my mum, who works in an office, and where I am quite stylish and up to date with current trends, my mum is always asking me to help her with her makeup for work and to also borrow some of my products. There was one time where she was asking me which shade of pink lipstick she should wear to work one day, and if green eyeshadow would go with her work outfit another day. My mother is 48… and I love that she is bold and creative with makeup.

My mother is in the age range of the demographic ’35+’ and is very into beauty and makeup, so this type of editorial shoot in the Telegraph magazine would appeal to someone like her.

Older women who are published models, into beauty and wanting to look/feel younger-

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 5.53.39 pm

This moodboard of images show that these older women who are published models, fit within the demographic age range of 35+ and therefore may read the Telegraph magazine. Which also means that they would be interested in seeing an editorial shoot like mine, based on beauty trends for the current season. 


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