Sign Off Meeting & Feedback

I have had a sign off meeting and feedback session with Julian and two classmates. I had the chance to pitch my idea to them, go through my WordPress and get some feedback of how to progress forward with this project.

I pitched my idea of photographing current beauty trends for the Telegraph Magazine to Julian and he seemed to like my idea. Although I had a bit of work to do in terms of researching how my shoot will fit into the Telegraph Magazine demographic and what kind of images I will be taking.

I wasn’t 100% keen on my idea as I was always unsure of how well it would work with the Telegraph magazine but after speaking with Julian, I convinced myself as well as him that it can work well.

Julian gave me the option of possibly doing another photoshoot if I don’t like how my photos come out, he suggested I do food or product which would be something different to portrait or fashion. As I am the first group to shoot I would have more than enough time to try and arrange another shoot. I will consider this depending on how my images come out.

Julian also mentioned I need to either create more sketches or mood boards of the style of images I will take. Including angles, distance and what facial feature I will be focusing on.

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