SFX Makeup- Moodboard

Rachel’s role in the group was to sort out the makeup artists and create the kind of looks we wanted in our posters. Rachel created these mood boards to send to makeup artists to see if they’d be able to achieve the looks we wanted. As a group we were all happy with the ideas and moodboards that were being sent out. The first moodboard is for the alien style SFX makeup. We all agreed to keep the alien still very human like so you can still tell its a human that can change from human to alien. The second moodboard is for the SFX makeup when it comes to the images of the scientists being bitten. We want a simple yet effect looking bite/wound and some blood to make it look like they have been badly hurt by Hatch.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 5.33.46 pm
Alien SFX Moodboard

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