Styling/Fashion- Moodboard 1

My job role within the project was to sort out and source the styling for our short film. I had already looked at neutral colour swatches for the clothes but now I need to decide on what the models are going to wear.

As we were keeping the makeup subtle, I think it would be best to also keep the clothes subtle, so then they aren’t too distracting and the main focus is still on the skin. From previous inspiration mood boards featuring the KKW and Kylie Cosmetic adverts, their styling is very simple, and in some shots, the clothes aren’t even seen, so all of the viewers attention is on the face thats advertising the makeup.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 3.30.34 pm

For the clothing, I am thinking of sourcing either some plain t-shirt style dresses, plain shirts/blouses or a plain co-ord set (leggings and a matching coloured top for example). I am going to look around at different ways/places I can source this and see which would work best.

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