The Telegraph Magazine Content

The content of the Telegraph Magazine is simple, basic and structured. It contains few adverts and mainly consists of articles and photoshoots either showing fashion or food to do with the current seasons, or an interview with a celebrity or person with an interesting story.


It contains a contents page which lays everything out for you, making it easier to find what you want to read in the magazine.


The adverts inside are mainly to do with day to day life and are less luxurious. From car adverts, to life insurance, food shopping, holidays, unlike the adverts you see in Vogue or Elle for example. Their adverts are mainly fashion, perfume, makeup and shoes, a slightly more glamour style to the adverts they include.


The Telegraph Magazine contains quite a few pages on food recipes. The food recipe pages aren’t advertising food and products from a certain shop or supermarket, but instead they are showing you colours to eat, meals to make and what food goes well with the weather. The images used to support the food pages relate to the topic they are talking about.


The fashion pages show fashion tips from celebrities, current trends for the seasons, which colours to wear, where to buy the comfiest and cheapest items, showing you what to wear with what, and even holiday fashion such as Valentines and Christmas. The fashion images don’t showcase and advertise items all from one brand, instead, they support the article and title.


The product shots are very similar to the fashion images in the Telegraph Magazine. The product images are showing the hottest anid cheapest products to buy this season, going along with a colour theme, or season. They are typically photographed on a bright white studio background and then usually sized down and cut out to fit around the supporting text. Almost making it like a product moodboard.


The portrait images in the supplement are used to support interviews and front covers. The portrait shots would be of a celebrity, designer, singer, actor or someone with an inspiring story, charity workers, politicians etc. They aren’t necessarily trying to sell or advertise anything, but just support the article about the person.

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