Summarising My Shoot

A quick summary of what I will be photographing for my editorial Telegraph Magazine shoot. It will be a fun and intimate portrait shoot, showing the latest beauty trends for the current Spring/Summer 2018 season. I will shoot a range of style shots from macro shots, to close portrait to even some shots from the neck upwards.

The macro shots will focus on areas of the face such as the eyebrows, eyes and lips. The macro eyebrow shots would show one trend of big bushy eyebrows (for example) and then another macro shot would show the bright pink lip colour (for example).

The close up portraits would show how colours look in comparison to skin colour and again, showing more makeup trends for the season. So in the close up images, I would photograph the model laughing, or winking or smiling with another lip colour on thats on trend at the moment, and then get one of the model closing one eye to show the eyeshadow colour on their lid.

The more far away shots from the neck up would be showing the gold highlight trend that is applied to the cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and collar bones. Again, showing another makeup trend for the current season.


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