Photographers Featured in Telegraph Magazine

Toby Glanville

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.33.30 pm

Toby Glanville is an editorial, portrait and landscape photographer. His work has been published in supplements such as The Telegraph Magazine, Financial Times Magazine and The Guardian. His feature in the recent Telegraph Magazine issue was a location portrait shot of business people infront of a grand looking building, with the title ‘Grand Designs’ printed around the frame of the image. Showing that the portraits and title link together.


Thomas Slack

Thomas Slack is a New York based photographer and director who shoots editorial for clients such as T Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine, The Last Magazine and to name a few. He recently shot a fashion editorial about embellishment and art print for The Telegraph Magazine, which featured on the cover and had a spread inside.

Tom Jamieson

Tom Jamieson is a location and studio based portrait photographer who tends to take portraits in the form of ‘stories’. He has been featured in supplements such as New York Times magazine numerous times. He also featured in a recent issue of The Telegraph Magazine, taking editorial portrait images of the Queen’s son-in-law which was supported by a double age spread article.


Daniel Berman

Daniel Berman is a editorial portrait photographer based in Seattle, USA. He as well has recently features in the latest issue of The Telegraph Magazine, he took portraits to support an article about Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos wanting to send his customers into space. He has also taken images of Snoop Dog for an American Magazine article, and images of Bill and Mandy gates for an article featured about them in a news article online.


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