Model Look- Moodboard

As my photoshoot is based on beauty and makeup trends, I feel that I can use any type of model for my shoot. As makeup doesn’t have an age limit or any type of restrictions on it, anyone can work for my shoot.

I would want one black and one white model to show how the different makeup trends look on each skin type, and to show diversity within my images. As long as my models have good/clean looking skin and bold features that would show the makeup well then I am happy to photograph them.

I am looking for bold cheek bones to show the freckles, skin makeup and highlights, I am looking for big natural brows to show the brow trends, someone with eyes that aren’t too hooded to show the eyeshadow looks and also someone with relatively nice lips to show the lip colours

I have made a moodboard to give myself a rough basis to work from when it comes to finding my models.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 4.29.22 pm


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