Editorial Photographers

Food Photographers- 

Dylan Swart

  • seasonal food
  • recipes
  • food for the season
  • colours
  • occasion food

Annabelle Breakey 

  • thanksgiving spread
  • breakfast food
  • fish
  • recipes
  • set meals

Mihir Hardikar 

  • soup dishes
  • chinese dim sum
  • tacos
  • set meals
  • cultural food

Profile Portrait Photographers-

Rory Lewis

  • celebrity portrait
  • supported by an article
  • the images sum up what the writing is about
  • tv personalities

Jon Premosch

  • celebrity portraits
  • actresses and actors
  • bright colours
  • capturing personality
  • facial expressions

Nick Knight

  • portrait and fashion
  • celebrity personalities
  • cover story
  • going with an article about the person in the images
  • showcasing a fashion trend


Product Photographers-

Meghan Bayley

  • shoes and makeup collections
  • bright colours
  • products for the seasons
  • gender certain products
  • bright lighting

Dennis Pedersen

  • colour trends
  • makeup products
  • seasonal makeup
  • white backgrounds to fit around magazine text

David Lewis Taylor

  • colour trends
  • where to get the latest trends from
  • patterns such as snakeskin
  • credits of where to get products involved around the images
  • no people, just products

Fashion Photographers-

Andile Mthembu

  • focusing on trends for the season
  • not all clothes from the same brand
  • men and women
  • the photos match the title

Matthieu Belin

  • showing the trends
  • showing the fit of the clothes involved in the trend
  • colour trends
  • themes

Sebastian Kim

  • more art involved in the portraits
  • hairstyling and makeup looks
  • not necessarily celebrity
  • showing trends
  • seasonal wear
  • colour trends


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