Beauty/Portrait Photographers

Jonathan Baron

Jonathan Baron shot portraits of Rita Ora for Burberry and Dua Lipa for Clash magazine. The middle portrait with the grey background was from an article about makeup and clothes and it featured the model wearing green eyeshadow underneath her eyes. I like the fun personality he has captured from Rita and Dua and then how he has lit his portraits of the model in the green eyeshadow.

Simon Emmett

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.53.28 pm

His work has featured in-

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.53.14 pm

Hazel Gaskin

Hazel Gaskin is a young fashion and portrait photographer based in London. She shot this beauty portrait campaign for the makeup brand 3ina. The images are very bold and pink as that is one of the trends at the moment and what the new collection was about. She shot close ups of pink metallic lips and a smokey pink eye. The campaign shoot also included other portraits of a model pulling a fun facial expression in bright pink lipstick, and then there was another image of two models with bold black face stamps on. I really like the clean and fun look of this shoot and will definitely take inspiration from the angles and colours she uses when it comes to photographing my editorial shoot.

ASOS Face and Body- (Brand campaign images)

I am always shopping online on ASOS and always following their online and social media content so therefore I am always seeing their advertising and campaign images. I really like the way that the photographers for their shoots capture the makeup and hair styles. I like the bright lighting that they use that really bring out the colours of the lips and eyeshadow and I also like the angles that they have used to capture the portraits. They are close up and intimate with the model, showing them having fun and really making the makeup pop.

I will take a lot of inspiration from their campaign images in terms of the makeup, colours, the angles, shots and poses they include.

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