Character Styling- Hatch/ Child

Our main inspiration behind the character, Hatch, has come from Millie Bobby Brown playing her character Eleven in Stranger Things. Mainly because it has a slightly similar story line to our TV show synopsis. In the show Stranger Things, Eleven comes to planet earth from ‘the upside down’ which is a darker, more evil and dangerous version of the world and she comes to planet earth with special powers. With her special powers, she can stop the demogorgans from taking over planet earth and shut off the ‘upside down’ port hole. In our TV show, Hatch is found in an egg form on an island and is brought to the NYCSL lab for testing. She is then used  for information and her powers as a human/alien child to communicate with the rest of the aliens invading planet earth.

Eleven has a very androgynous look about her, she has a pretty feminine face, yet she has a shaved head, making her look more boyish. She has a young face and looks like an innocent child. I think this is a good look to go for when it comes to getting our model to represent Hatch.

For the styling of Hatch, I am going to either put her in some form of gown so that it looks like she is being tested on in the lab, which sticks to our storyline, or I was going to have her in a plain coloured vest top to show more skin and that she can change into a human.


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.03.19 pm

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